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Types of glass door locks—Types of glass door locks

Glass door lock types—handle glass lock

 The material of the handle lock handle is zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, log, ceramic, etc. In order to match with various styles of furniture, the shape and color of the handle are various and colorful. After being electroplated and electrostatic sprayed, the handle has abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition to matching the decoration style of the room, it should also be able to accept a large pulling force. Generally, the handle should be able to accept a pulling force of over 6 kg. classification

Types of glass door locks—single tongue mortise door locks

 This kind of lock requires only a square tongue, which is mainly used in the gates of shops, cinemas, hotels, etc., which are frequent revenues and expenditures, and the access doors of hotels, operation buildings, etc. There are two types of single-head locks and double-head locks according to the number of locks. The single-head lock is only equipped with a marble lock on the outdoor side of the lock body. The side of the lock head needs a key to open and lock, and the other side is rotated by a knob to make the lock house roll. A double-headed lock is provided with a marble lock on each end of the room surface of the lock body, and both ends need a key to open or lock.

Types of glass door locks—single latch button mortise glass door locks

 This kind of door lock only needs a beveled lock house. This lock is equipped with a pair of handles, one side is equipped with a lock core, and the other side of the room is locked by a knob on the handle. Under the condition of no lock, the lock can be opened by the handle inside and outside the room, and its function is only to prevent wind. When locked, the handle was judged and could not be moved. This lock is often used on the door of the working room or the room of the home.

Types of glass door locks—double tongue mortise glass door locks

 The lock has two tongues, a square tongue and an oblique tongue. Many lock doors are now equipped with this lock. Generally according to the function of the handle, it is divided into three types: single-lever mortise door lock, double-lever mortise door lock and quick-open mortise door lock. Single-live means that the handle is fixed against the outdoor side, and the indoor side can be pushed down to open the oblique tongue; double-live means that the handles at both ends can be pushed down to open the oblique tongue; quick open means that the outdoor and indoor handles can be lifted Anti-lock.

The above is some common sense of the types of glass door locks introduced by Xiaobian. We can see that glass door locks can be divided into several types according to their local characteristics, characteristics, and strengths. The application of each type of glass door lock is locally It ’s different, so when we choose glass door locks, we have to choose according to the detailed conditions.