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Installation method of glass door lock

What is the glass door lock:

The glass floor lock is a kind of lock fixed on the glass door. The ground lock is not on the ground. The lock hole is dug at the bottom of the glass door. Generally, frameless glass doors are tempered, so pre-opening holes should be made before tempering, and a hole should be made in the corresponding ground. When locking, the tongue of the ground lock will be It can reach into the hole in the ground and the glass door is locked. Relatively simple and convenient.

Installation method of glass door ground lock:

1. First, put a U-shaped bracket on the frameless glass door to place the magnetic lock. The glass door without the frame must have accessories to help the placement. The resettlement method is basically similar to the appearance resettlement method of the ordinary door, except that it is the difference in the time of the third step of setting up the iron plate. On the glass door, put the U-shaped groove along with the rubber cushion and stainless steel gasket on the side of the lock screw, and lock the glass door with the headless hex screw, and then secure the iron plate to the U-shaped groove. .

2. To deal with different glass door thicknesses and different types of electromagnetic locks, use the AB frame to install and place the glass frame with special glue (or double-sided tape) on the glass door, and then attach the iron plate to the bracket. The installation is complete.

Installation method of glass door ground lock

What to do if the ground lock is damaged:

Generally, spring doors have a warranty period. If the glass door lock is damaged, it is generally difficult to repair. It can only be replaced and requires professional installers. If the glass door is used for a long time, the cause of sagging will occur more or less. The sagging of the glass door is the reason why the bearing capacity between the glass door and the floor spring is not paid attention when the glass door is installed. The only maintenance method is to replace the floor spring and buy another floor spring that can bear more than the weight of the glass door to prevent the glass from falling, so that the problem of falling glass doors can be easily solved.

The floor lock of the glass door is very convenient to use, and it also looks fashionable. I saw a lot of glass facades in the mall. But there is one more point. If the dead key is inserted, it cannot be opened. Do not twist it hard. First of all, you need to see if you have got the wrong key. Do not break the lock core. I can change the ground lock. I need to find a master to deal with it. Although it costs a little money, it is not a lot. Well, the above is what Xiaobian brought to everyone, I hope it can help everyone.