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Advantages and disadvantages of smart fingerprint lock

1. Independent information management

Manage all user information, add / modify / delete user information freely.

Advantages: It is very useful for users to stop user rights management. Users can be authorized freely, allowing or preventing certain people from entering.

This function is more suitable for users who have a nanny or tenant at home. When the nanny or tenant moves away, they can immediately delete their fingerprints, so they can't open the door without the right to use it. Conversely, if there are new babysitters and tenants, they can enter their fingerprints at any time, so that they can open the door freely.

In general, the biggest benefit of this feature is that you don't have to worry about nanny or tenant ** keys, which reduces the element of insecurity at home.

Disadvantages: There are multiple steps required to enter and delete fingerprints, and the procedure is more laborious and inconvenient. However, the tedious operation is also for the sake of safety, and it can still be afforded for the time being. If you can improve the safety factor and simplify the operation procedure, it would be better.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart fingerprint lock

2.Voice operation prompt

In the application process, the voice function is activated to guide the user to stop the door opening operation, let the user know whether each step of the operation is correct, and prompt the user for the next operation.

Advantages: make the operation easier and easier to understand.

This function is very suitable for the elderly or children, so that they can be handy in the operation process, reducing their psychological exclusion of high-tech products because they do not understand the operation.

Defects: Because the voice prompts are recorded uniformly, their voices are too mechanized, and their mobility and intimacy are not strong. In addition, as long as the ordinary voice operation prompts are in Chinese and English, the function of the elderly and children who do not understand these two languages is useless.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart fingerprint lock

3. Anti-prying alarm function

When the door is opened abnormally or damaged by external violence, or the door lock is slightly deviated from the door, an intense alarm is immediately issued to attract people's attention, like a car alarm.

Advantages: The fierce alarm sound can absorb the attention of people around and effectively avoid the illegal behavior of thieves. For users with more complex central environments, this feature is more useful.

Defect: The alarm system cannot be connected to the community or the security system of the police station for the time being, and it cannot alarm automatically. This function needs to be improved with regard to requesting higher confidential units. In addition, not every lock has this function and requires user customization.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart fingerprint lock

4.Virtual password

Multiple or multiple groups of garbled characters can be added before and after the correct password, and the fingerprint lock can be opened as long as there are consecutive correct passwords in this set of data.

Pros: Avoid password theft

Defect: This function is one of the most inapplicable functions discussed in the fingerprint lock industry. Since the user can open the door by using the correct password + garbled characters, the thief must remember the password group that the user just used, and of course the door can be opened. Unless the virtual password has the same password + garbled, it cannot use the second function.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart fingerprint lock

5, button remote unlock

Through the remote control button, open the door lock within a certain interval. Disagree with auto unlock function.

Advantages: Higher intelligence, more able to meet the needs of different groups of people.

For example, in the company, the boss of the company can lock the door of the office, when the subordinate knocks on the door, instead of going to the door to open the door, just press the door button to open the door, and also avoid the visitors who come in. If it is a mechanical lock, the boss usually does not lock the door for the convenience of the employee to enter, so that he is also an intruder. If the door is locked, it is very inconvenient for the boss to get up often to open the door when employees report work. This function can just deal with this problem.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart fingerprint lock

Defect: Can not be connected to the Internet, and can only control the door lock through the control button within a certain range.

6. Open the door remotely

This function is connected to the Internet and can control the door lock via a mobile phone in any central part of the world;

Advantages: further enhance the intelligence of fingerprint lock

When parents or relatives and friends visit and they are not at home, they can use this function to remotely control the door lock to let them enter the door.