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Glass door hinge installation—Introduction to glass door hinge

Hinge is a small part hidden between the door, the fan and the frame in the installation of the door and the fan, but it is the most important connection to realize the door and the fan to open and close. Doors and fans can be opened and closed well. Craftsmanship hinges are required. How to install high-quality hinges in the proper position is also a key factor. Hinges are divided into ordinary hinges, pipe hinges and door hinges, which are mainly used for the installation and connection of different components. Today I will share with you the steps and precautions for the installation of wooden door hinges.

Glass door hinge installation—preparation before installation of glass door hinge

1. Determine whether the height, width and thickness of the hinges match the wooden doors. Mismatched hinges with height, width and thickness may cause the hinge load to fail to meet the requirements and affect the use of wooden doors;

2. Hinge installation requires supporting screws and other fastening accessories. Check whether the accessories are complete and the number is complete;

3. Determine the number of hinge installations and the installation height. Select the corresponding hinge connection method according to the material, such as the connection of wooden doors and frames with screws.

Glass Door Hinge Installation—Introduction of Glass Door Hinge Installation

Although the installation of the hinges is very simple, there are some tips during installation. It should be noted that the larger the distance between the door edge and the hinge cup hole edge, the smaller the minimum clearance. When two doors share the same side panel, the total gap should be twice the minimum gap. In the case of half-covers, the distance between the two doors should be moderate. Door width, height, and material quality are the main determinants of the number required for each door. The minimum door side distance required to open a door is determined by the C distance, door thickness, and door type. In the actual operation of the hinge installation, the proper clearance should be selected according to the situation. It is best to install three during the installation of the hinges, so as to ensure better bearing capacity. The slotting process is not required during the installation of the daughter-mother hinge, which largely guarantees the integrity and aesthetics of the door frame. The son and mother hinges are installed in three stages, and the middle hinges can be installed slightly upwards, which can effectively enhance its stability, and the door frame is better subject to the door hinges. Note that the thickness of the hinges should not be too thin, as long as the appearance does not change tightly.