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Type of glass door hinge

Glass is an item that we often contact and use in our daily life. From daily necessities such as glass to building decoration materials such as glass curtain walls, glass has made great contributions to the development of world civilization. Next, look at the types of glass door hinges and what types of glass partitions.

First, the type of glass door hinge

        Ordinary hinge: One side of the hinge is fixed on the frame and the other side is fixed on the fan.It can be turned to open.It is suitable for wooden doors and windows and general wooden furniture.

        Light hinges: Hinge boards are thinner and narrower than ordinary hinges, and are mainly suitable for light wooden doors and windows and general wooden furniture.

        Pull-out hinge: The hinge axis (pin) can be pulled out. After being pulled out, the door and window leaf can be removed for easy scrubbing. It is mainly used on wooden doors and windows that need to be disassembled frequently.

        Square hinges: Hinge boards are wider and thicker than ordinary hinges. They are mainly used for doors and windows or furniture with large weight and size.

        H-type hinge: It is a type of core hinge, in which a loose sheet can be removed. It is mainly used for wooden doors or screen doors that need to be dismantled frequently.

        T-shaped hinge: suitable for wider door leafs, such as factory and warehouse doors.

        Screen door spring hinge: The door leaf can be closed automatically after opening and can only be opened in one direction. The hinge pin can be pulled out to adjust and exchange the spring, and it is mostly used for solid web steel door.

        Bearing hinge (copper): Each one of the hinges of the hinge is equipped with a one-way thrust ball bearing.The door switch is light and flexible, and it is mostly used for heavy-duty doors or special steel-framed steel doors.