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How to distinguish hinges from hinges

I. Hinge

It is also a high-rise hollow window sash 20 kg. The difference between a hinge and a stainless steel four-link (hinge) is that the hinge will not fall down for about one year, so customers think of the hinge. But the time is slightly longer, and all aspects will be very troublesome. .

(1) If there is a problem with the hinge material, the window will fall, and there is no warning for the window to fall.

(2) The opening and closing of the sash is too fast, and the tip does not pay attention. The strong swing is easy to knock the hinge into internal damage, causing the window to fall, and there is no warning for the window to fall.

(3) The swing of the sash relies on the two-link wind brace to adjust the sash angle, which is reluctant, because only one hand screwing the screw to support the force point of the wind +20 kg sash, the structure is seriously unreasonable. After the wear between the screw and the low groove, the sash loses control, and the internal loss of the hinge causes the window to fall, and there is no warning of the window falling.

The (4) alloy will naturally oxidize and cause window fall, and there is no warning of window fall.

Two. Stainless steel four-link (hinge)

(1) 20 kg window sashes, generally square grooves, are relatively tightly opened and closed after installation, and because the sashes are too heavy, they will fall down, and the service life is difficult to guarantee. Even if one or two screws are loosened or the carriage is loosened, it is visible, and it will not immediately fall off the window.

(2) The introduction of the new safety positioning stainless steel four-link (hinge), structurally solves the excessively heavy sash, the drop caused by the sash, the opening and closing is too tight, and the various aspects of wear and tear are caused, thereby ensuring the service life and the sash Security.