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How to choose a hinge?

Hinges, also known as hinges, are mechanical devices used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation between them. The hinge may be made of movable components or made of foldable material. Hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows, while hinges are more installed on cabinets. According to the classification of materials, they are mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and iron hinges. In order to allow people to enjoy better, hydraulic hinges (also known as damping hinges) have appeared. Its characteristic is to bring a buffer function when the cabinet door is closed, which minimizes the noise emitted by the cabinet door when it collides with the cabinet body.

Look at the material and weight

The quality of the hinge is poor, and the cabinet door can easily be tilted forward and closed for a long time, and it will sag loosely. Almost all of the cabinet hardware of the big brands use cold rolled steel, which is stamped and formed once, with a thick feel and a smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick surface coating, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and strong bearing capacity, while the poor quality hinge is generally welded from thin iron sheet, which has almost no resilience. It will lose its elasticity when it is used for a long time, causing the door to close It is not strict and even cracks.


Pros and cons of different hinges are different when used. The hinges with high quality are softer when opening the cabinet door, and will spring back automatically when closed to 15 degrees. Consumers can open and close the door of the cabinet when purchasing to experience the feel.


View details

The details can tell whether the product is good or not, thus confirming whether the quality is outstanding. The high-quality closet hardware uses thick hardware and a smooth surface, which even achieves a quiet effect in design. Inferior hardware is generally made of cheap metal such as thin iron sheet. The cabinet door is stretched jerky and even has a harsh sound.


In addition to visual inspection, feel the hinge surface smooth and smooth, you should pay attention to the reset performance of the hinge spring. The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. A good quality reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.


The hinge can be opened by 95 degrees, and both sides of the hinge are pressed firmly by hand, and the support spring is not deformed or broken, and it is very strong and is a qualified product. Inferior hinges have a short service life and are easy to fall off, such as cabinet doors and hanging cabinets, which are mostly caused by the poor quality of the hinges.