Glass door lock is actually installed on the glass door locks, usually called the glass door locks, but it is still more types, installed after the need for regular maintenance, in order to maintain a good "working condition" Down Foshan door Bao for everyone to introduce the glass door lock and glass door lock how to maintain the knowledge of the introduction, we go and see it.

Glass door lock Description:

Glass door locks are used in glass door locks on the types of common handle lock, mortise lock, to lock, different manufacturers different specifications. With the progress of science and technology, the glass door locks to prevent forgery of the key cross-shaped senior key locks, magnetic card-type key locks, password locks, electronic locks, fingerprint door locks, voice door locks, to facilitate people's daily lives , But also for life to provide the appropriate security.

Glass door lock material is usually made of high-strength structural steel or zinc alloy die-casting or stainless steel, to overcome the iron, zinc alloy rust, aging, lack of steel shortcomings, surface treatment for drawing or mirror, beauty generous, with fashion sense.

Glass door locks, also known as the central lock, apply to the thickness of 8mm-12mm tempered glass door installation. Glass door lock material can be used high-quality stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron and refined.

Glass door lock surface color: mirror, sanding, gold-plated, etc. to choose from, or according to the requirements of custom color. The glass door locks with different specifications: single door (single lock, double lock, single lock + manual, bolt);

Glass door lock structure beautiful, anti-theft strong, so you fully feel the perfect effect of fashion and practical. Now many companies will use glass door locks, they think the glass door can improve the company's style, increase customer favorability to the company.

Glass door locks how to maintain?

Unlike the commercial hardware standards, civilian hardware accessories with a long time, prone to here, there are many problems. Especially the door locks, this

High-load operation of the parts, long life, and will inevitably be a little failure. Often found some users and friends,

Home lock damage is often due to the use or conservation should not be caused.

Door lock maintenance should pay attention to some of the following:


Some friends appear in the door lock astringent, or tight, often like to drop some oil to the lock eye, so that may immediately flee the door to the whole body is smooth, but because the oil is easy to sticky gray, after the keyhole Where it will be easy to slowly accumulate dust, and the formation of greasy child, so it makes the door more prone to failure.

The correct solution: cut some of the pencil or some of the broken end of the candle, through the thin tube blowing into the cylinder core, and then insert the key can be repeated several times.

Open the door poor

Sometimes, due to the gate of their own gravity reasons, or door loose-leaf reasons, resulting in leaf sinking, there is a lock or open the door is not smooth phenomenon. This time is often the key to open the door, lock the door is very difficult. At this point, do not forcibly twist the key, so as not to break off the key to increase the trouble.

The correct solution: should first see the reasons. If it is due to loosening loose leaf door, should be loose loose-leaf can be tightened with screws. If the deformation of the door frame or its causes can not be restored, you can start from the door frame, the corresponding expansion of the tongue, so that the door can be restored to normal smooth door.


How to maintain the glass door locks

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