Lock refers to the closure of the role of the device, which includes locks, keys and accessories, generally interpreted as "must be unlocked with a key to seal the device." Now, in addition to the key to open the lock, you can also use light, electricity, magnetic, sound and fingerprints and other instructions to open.

The lock variety, a padlock, traffic locks, draw locks, pinball locks, mortise locks, ball locks, color locks, electric locks, handle locks, marine locks, stainless steel locks.

Door and window accessories manufacturers, the most commonly used hand locks are generally aluminum, zinc alloy, copper as the material of the lock cylinder. Handle lock after use for some time, may appear to open the phenomenon is not smooth, do not drop to the cylinder of ordinary lubricants or oil, with a professional lubricant drops repeatedly inserted within the lock core can be repeated several times. Remove the handle lock surface dust and other debris, need to use a dry cloth to wipe the handle and lock body, remember to use a damp cloth or wipe with acid, alkaline cleaning agent.

In addition, the newly renovated house interior contains a large number of corrosive gases. In particular, the paint on the wooden doors will emit formaldehyde and other corrosive gases, will seriously affect the life of the handle lock, and even corrosion locks, daily more ventilation to save the indoor dry. And the handle lock in the daily process of opening and closing the door, the best holding handle to lock the tongue into the lock body, close the door and then let go, do not force hit the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life.

The following is for everyone to sum up some of the locks on the maintenance methods:

1, the door is not good switch, spray some lubricants on the oblique tongue.

2, some lock the heart is not refueling, (very few), such as child beads lock heart.

3, the door can not be too large, easy to poke and shake sound.

4, the key is not good to insert or out, spray some light lubricants, (such as w40) can not be too thick oil will not be active.

5, anti-theft door with flower lattice-type, anti-wire is used to open the hook automatically open the lock lock to pull the lock, the door opened.

6, lock the heart not to rain. Flushing, because there is a small spring rust failure is not flexible.

7, do not use the key directly open the door, the key to open the door lock, lock heart did not return to the original position directly pull the key to open the door, the lock did not take long to protest with you say goodbye.

8, the locomotive key not a long list, together in series, the locomotive in the run, the key will increase the weight of shaking wear lock heart, a long time the key will slide out.

9, automatic lock to some micro-gap can not be too tight, easy to break bad.


Handle lock, how to maintain the lock ~

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