Door and window hardware according to their use of the main functions are: hinges, door closers, locator, locks, handle and handle, curtain rail and the door at the end of the wind, and so on. Hinge is a furniture copper trim. Commonly known as hinges. Often composed of two fold, is to connect two parts of furniture and make the activities of the metal parts. Is a device for coupling or turning a door, cover or other oscillating part by which a pair of metal blades, usually connected by pins, are rotatable. Generally speaking, the hinge mainly has several types:

Normal hinge: Hinge side fixed to the frame, the other side fixed to the fan, you can turn open, suitable for wooden doors and windows and general wood furniture.

Light Hinge: Hinge than the ordinary thin and narrow hinge, mainly for light wooden doors and windows and general wood furniture.

Hinge: Hinge wider than the average hinge, thicker. Mainly used for the weight and size of large doors and windows or furniture.

T-hinge: for a wide door, such as factories, warehouses and other doors.

H-type hinge: a hinge hinge is a loose one with a page board can be removed. Mainly used for regular demolition of the wooden doors or screen door.

Screen door spring hinge: the door can be opened automatically closed, only one-way open. Hinge pin can be drawn out, in order to adjust and exchange springs, mostly for solid steel screen door.

Bearings hinge (copper): hinge each page of the plate axis are equipped with one-way thrust ball bearing a door switch light and flexible, and more for heavy doors or special steel frame steel door.

Cold storage door hinge: surface baking varnish, large steel plate made of small cast iron made. For cold storage doors or heavy insulation doors.

Hook off: This hinge automatically closes the door with the weight of the bevel and door leaf. Mainly applicable to the lighter

Wooden doors or toilets and other half of the door.

Hinged hinge: hinge axis (pin) can be extracted. After extraction, the doors and windows can be removed, easy to scrub. Mainly used for regular removal of wooden doors and windows.

Fan-shaped hinge: fan-shaped hinge of the two-page stacking thickness of the thickness of the hinge than the average of about half thin, suitable for a variety of doors and windows need to turn on and off.

Silent hinge: also known as nylon gasket hinge, door and window switch, hinge silent, mainly for public buildings on the windows and doors.

Single-flag hinge: hinge made of stainless steel, rust-resistant, easy to disassemble. Used for double-layer windows.

Fenestration hinge: two pages with the mandrel should be installed on both sides of the window frame, two pages of non-mandrel should be installed on both sides of the sash.

One of the grooved non-mandrel negative plates shall be installed on the side of the sash with a slot for the loading and unloading of the sash. For factories, warehouses, residential, public buildings and other activities over the window.

Multi-hinge: When the opening angle is less than 75 °, with automatic shut-off function, 75 ° -90 ° angle position, self-stability, greater than 95 ° of the automatic positioning. The hinge can be used in place of the ordinary hinge on the door.

Anti-theft hinge: When the shaft is taken out, the door leaf can be removed, the hinge can be prevented, and the hinge can be prevented by the pin and pin hole on the two hinges. Play anti-theft effect, applicable to residential door.

Two-axis hinge: two-axis hinge left and right, allowing the door to open, close and remove. Applicable to general door and window fan.

Spring hinge: the door can be opened automatically closed, single-spring hinge can only open one-way, double-spring hinge inside and outside the two-way

Open. Mainly used for public buildings on the door.

The above is the type of hinge details, in the process of installing the hinge need to note the following points:

First, before installation, should check the hinge and the door window frame, fan whether match.

Second, check the hinge slot and hinge high, wide, thick, whether the match.

Third, the hinge should be checked with the connection of the screws, fasteners are supporting.

Fourth, the hinges should be connected with the frame, fan material to match, such as the use of steel frame door hinge, connected with the side of the steel frame

For welding, and wooden doors connected to the side of the wood screws were fixed.

5, in the hinge of the two sheets of the asymmetry of the case, should identify which page should be connected with the fan board, which page should be connected with the door frame, with the axis of the three connected side should be fixed with the box , With the shaft connected to the two sides of the side should be fixed with the box.

6, installation, should ensure that the same fan on the hinge of the shaft in the same vertical line, so as not to warp door and window fan.


Hardware hinge types and installation points

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