Doors and windows of the production materials are divided into several types, there are aluminum, stainless steel, color steel, etc., different materials of its hardware accessories will be different, but some businesses did not do so, but do not match. The following Xiaobian to focus on understanding the next door and window hardware accessories purchase method.

Door and window hardware accessories purchase method

Seal: As the door and the door is the combination of the plate between the head-on, close the moment the noise of up to about 120 decibels, seriously affecting the physical and mental health. The use of high-strength seal, not with the paint reaction to ensure the smoothness of the contact paint. And it also has shock absorption, silencer, sealing, noise, moisture and so on.

Hinge: used to open the doors and windows. Consumers in the purchase can observe the hinge of the material, copper, iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extruded material made of processing, should not use zinc alloy casting hinges.

Hinge: requirements with high strength, load-bearing capacity, easy disassembly, opening and closing flexible, muffler and other characteristics of the three-hinge is appropriate.

A device that supports the opening and closing of a sash. Consumers in the purchase of stainless steel materials used for the production of good, the surface should not be scratches, Feng edge, burr and other defects, sliding support opening and closing, a little resistance can be.

Pulley: Take the weight of each fan sliding doors and windows, and for horizontal movement. Consumers should pay attention to the pulley frame material and pulley whether the use of needle roller bearings or ball bearings, pulleys for sliding doors should use heavy-duty door pulley, must not use pulleys sliding window instead.

Handle: used in the flat window. The main role is when the open sash closed window sash pressed on the window frame, in order to achieve the role of sealing. Consumers should pay attention to observe the surface smooth, no burr, hand weigh a sense of weight, uniform coating surface can be.

Half lock: Most of the hook between the fan and the fan lock. Consumers should use stainless steel or aluminum alloy production is better.

Should choose a good flexibility of the lock. Optional key to plug several times to see when the purchase is not smooth, the switch is screwed up provincial strength.

Select the appearance of good performance types of decorative hardware accessories. When buying is mainly to see whether the appearance of defects, how plating gloss, feel smooth and so on.

Should be selected sealing performance of a good hinge, slide, lock. When opening and closing the purchase, pull a few times feel its flexibility and convenience.

Door hinge is divided into two kinds of detachable and non-detachable, and to cover the door closed after the location is divided into large bend, the bend, straight bend three, the main bend in the main. Select the hinge In addition to visual observation, feel smooth hinge surface, the hinge spring should be noted that the reset performance is better, you can open the hinge 95 degrees, both sides of the hinge pressed hard to observe the support spring is not deformed, not broken, very strong For the quality of qualified products.

Drawer rail is divided into two rails, three rails two, the choice of appearance of paint and electroplating brightness, load bearing wheel clearance and strength of the decision to open and close the drawer flexibility and noise, should be selected wear and rotation of the bearing wheel .


Door and window hardware accessories purchase method? Note it!

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