Home ball lock, usually installed in wooden doors or aluminum doors, spherical lock is characterized by durable, easy to install, easy to use and cost-effective, then if the ball lock old, bad how to remove the replacement? To learn about, maybe after the hands-on replacement!

Tool components: rechargeable electric screwdriver, screwdriver, ball lock components

1, the use of spherical lock accessories with a special removal of the iron grip, insert the grip under the hole.

2, according to the previous step, you can easily spin down the handle.

3, the use of a screwdriver to grip the rear pad pry.

4, the use of cross screwdriver or electric screwdriver to the ball screw inside the lock loose.

5. Remove the old spherical lock from the other side of the ball lock.

6, the use of electric screwdriver or cross screwdriver to remove the lock bolt.

7. Use the same method as in step 1 to remove the new ball-lock assembly grip.

8. Remove the locking tab and spacer of the ball lock.

9, first installed bolt, and then into the spherical lock, and test the card between the mortise is accurately bite.

10, the use of electric screwdriver or screw fixed to the locking plate.

11, put on the spherical lock grip gasket.

12, set the ball after the lock grip can be pressed.

In general, the main difference between the main spherical lock is from the length of the lock, one is 60mm, there is a 85mm, so dress up when you pay attention to specifications.


How to remove the replacement ball lock

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