Windows and doors to open and close why it can be smoothly? This is used in a very important accessories, that is hinge, a lot of hinges, also known as hinges, it is a link between the windows and doors and frame links, to ensure that doors and windows in accordance with A certain direction opening and closing. So that hinge hinge to play the role is very large, but also because of the market demand for doors and windows, resulting in a hinge hinge market demand is also very large. So in reality, how do we choose? This product has what characteristics and specifications?

Optional hinge hinge, pay attention to product color and material

In the past, the hinge of the color and texture may be relatively simple, but with the continuous improvement of demand, the continuous progress of technology, its color is also enriched, the current market colors are imitation gold, matte copper, brass, Color zinc, matte chrome, sand nickel, green bronze, red bronze, white zinc, pearl nickel, placer gold and so on, consumers can choose according to the color and the actual needs of doors and windows, of course, hinge hinge specification is also very important Of the premise.

Optional hinge hinge, pay attention to product specifications

As mentioned above, in the purchase of products, the hinge hinge specification is a very important prerequisite, after all, is the purpose of the success of the installation, then the specifications of the market what? In fact, many doors and windows and hinges also have 4 * 4 * 2.2mm, 4 * 3 * 2.1mm, 4 * 3 * 2.5mm, the size of a certain standard, the main specifications are 3 * 3 * 2.2mm, 3.5 * 4 * 3.5 * 2.7mm, 4 * 4 * 2.7mm, etc., consumers can purchase according to demand.

Optional hinge hinge, pay attention to the installation of some of the details of the problem

After the purchase is complete, the installation seems simple, but need to pay attention to some of the details of the problem, responsible for the purchase of a good hinge hinge specifications may also be inappropriate, such as security before checking the hinge slot and hinge high, Hinge connection should be with the frame, fan material to match, should identify which page should be connected with the fan board, which page should be connected with the door frame and so on. There is the time of installation, it should ensure that the hinge on the same fan axis in the same vertical line.

The above is about the hinge hinge some basic knowledge of the introduction, so important accessories, in the purchase of natural to be more careful when some.


Hinge hinge application specifications which are introduced

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