Hinge is the door, fan installation hidden in the door, between the fan and the small parts of the box, it is to achieve the door, fan opening and closing of the most important connections. Doors, fans can be a good opening and closing, the need for sophisticated hinge, how to install high-quality hinge to the appropriate location is also a key factor.

Hinge ordinary hinge, pipe hinges and hinges of the door, mainly used in different parts of the installation, connection. Today and share the wooden door hinge installation steps and precautions.

First, the hinge installation before preparation

1. Determine the hinge of the high, wide, thick wooden doors match. High, wide, thick does not match the hinge may cause the hinge bearing can not meet the requirements, affecting the use of wooden doors;

2. Hinge installation requires matching screws and other fastening accessories, check whether the matching accessories, the number is complete;

3. Determine the number of hinge installations and the mounting height.

(1) the number of hinges is based on the door to determine the substrate, usually PVC doors or PVC doors such as the installation of only two hinges enough; solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors are Relatively heavy doors, the installation of three hinges better fit, you can also carry the weight of wooden doors, to avoid the use of a long deformation damage. The third hinge installed in the top of the hinge installation location 30 cm below the installation of more appropriate;

(2) pipe hinges (zinc alloy, galvanized iron two) with spring device, mainly for furniture door connections, thickness requirements for the 16-20mm between the usually installed number of 2, the upper and lower two hinges respectively In the distance from the upper and lower corner 1/3;

(3) the installation of ordinary hinge position in the door, respectively, the lower quarter of the corner to ensure that the force evenly.

4. According to the material selection of the corresponding hinge connection, such as wooden doors, box connection with a screw fastening.

Second, the wooden door hinge installation

1. Slotted. In the side of the hinge to determine the installation of the slot, the slot depth with the thickness of a single piece of board in line with the slot after the monolithic sheet of flat into the slot, check whether the surface of the page with the door Door sets) of the surface flush;

2. Tighten the hinges. If the screws are inclined, the hinge may be squeezed between the hinges, which will affect the service life of the door.

Third, the mother of the hinge installation precautions

1. Unlike ordinary hinges, the hinge is not the same size as the two pages, but looks like a mother and child, by a smaller sub-page and larger pieces of the mother page, son The sheet looks like a hollowed out part of the mother page. Compared to ordinary hinges, thinner hinges, not suitable for heavier wooden doors;

2. Hinge is the core of the bearing, the door opening and closing of the flexibility and durability are determined to have a bearing, and the mother of the hinge bearing weight than the average hinge to light some, it is best to install three hinges , In order to better load-bearing;

3. If the wooden door hinges are installed, the best choice of 304 stainless steel. The hinge thickness of 3mm thick, point in the hand can obviously feel thick, flip flexible.

These are on the wooden door hinge installation details, hoping to help you install to a relaxed and quiet.


Wooden Door Hinge Installation Steps and Precautions

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