Smoke induction door closer

In normal operation, the opening angle can be set from 75 degrees to 180 degrees to keep the normally open state, in line with the normally open channel characteristics, when a fire, power off or door closers smoke, door closers Positioning on the function will be automatically canceled, this time smoke sensor closed

Door function will be the same function with the ordinary door closer to facilitate the escape and isolation of fire areas.


Electric door closer

Electric door closer more accurately called the electric door opener, in the strict sense it does not belong to the behind closed doors, the key lies in its work is the key to "open" that is, by relying on the power of the user credit card, password, A series of operations to complete the door automatically open and closed, and the door closes the focus is through the user manually open and complete the body itself "closed"

Knowledge a little more

Normally open fire doors as the name suggests is in the absence of fire and other emergency situations, the door is normally open state, when the fire occurs, the door must be normally open state switch to a normally closed state

Most of these doors hardware configuration focused on the following two proposals


Standard door closers + electromagnetic door suction + pull plate + hinge

When there is no fire or other emergency state, the electromagnetic door sucks the electricity to keep the door leaf to keep the door open. When the fire occurs, the fire door system will automatically cut off the power supply, the electromagnetic door will shut off the door. , The user either from within the door or door

Emergency escape can be opened outside the door, when the escape action is completed, the door and then through the door closer to the normally closed.

Smoke sensor door closer + sliding plate + hinge

When there is no fire or emergency state, the door closers are energized and the door is always open. When the fire protection system automatically cuts off the power supply or the door closers smoke, the door opening function will be canceled automatically, The doors are closed by the door closing stress, and the door can be opened by the user either from inside or outside the door. When the escape action is completed, the door leaf is closed by the door closer.


Gated Hardware - Door Closer

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