A look at the material

Lock material on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy. Stainless steel high strength, corrosion resistance, does not change color, is the best lock material, but because of the high strength of stainless steel so there are some limitations for the external shape of the lock; copper is the most common of an ancient metal materials, copper Its superior antibacterial ability, excellent manufacturing performance, can create a variety of beautiful shape, and can 100% recovery, fully consistent with today's low-carbon concept; high-quality zinc alloy strong wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, and Easy to shape, and more for mid-range lock.

Second look at the surface treatment

Surface treatment can be divided into electroplating, spraying and coloring three, through the surface treatment in the product surface to form a layer of dense protective film, played the role of corrosion and rust, so that more beautiful and durable products. But also a measure of product quality standards, good quality locks, more use of electroplating treatment, smooth and smooth coating, uniform moderate, bright color, no bubbles, rust and signs of oxidation.

Three to see the implementation of standards

Foreign locks for hardware has a very strict standard, so the relative quality of imported products is relatively high. At present, the Ministry of Light Industry has learned some foreign standards to the original implementation of GB revised into the current higher requirements of the QB, a brand of manufacturers have been implementing QB standards, small manufacturers are still implementing the original GB standards, must be in the purchase To understand the implementation of product standards.

Lock hands can also feel good or bad. In general, the feeling of heavy locks, the quality is relatively high; lock body can not be exposed tip, dew point is easy to hurt, one of our users had almost twice the same lock scratches, though not broken, but after all There are hidden dangers. In particular, should pay attention to the lock handle at the end, the lock tongue and lock the four corners of the three positions; lock a good lock to open a flexible, high sensitivity, long service life. Locks also exist in a variety of styles, we must pay attention to and interior door style consistent.


Teach you how to buy hardware locks

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